May 23, 2011

Let's hear it for the Mild.

Sorry its been about two weeks since I last got mild with it, but seriously peeps--I had to cram 4 weeks of work into the last two since I am currently in the midst of a TEN-DAY VACATION! (And I always work more than I should, the mild math and it'll make sense.)

And by vacation, I mean I'm basically in rehab for Workaholicness at my parent's place in Texas. Just kidding. I'm actually taking a Mild Girl's All Exspenses Paid Dream Vacation. My amazing folks paid for my flight, picked me up from the airport, are giving me room and board, as well as a car to borrow while I'm here all for the price of BEING THEIR DAUGHTER who mildly escaped a VERY mild existence had I chosen to stay here after high school. Yes folks, I haven't officially lived here since 1999! When I did not party like it was...

Anyway, here is a mild update from these here Texas parts:

1. It took me over 24 hours to leave the beyond mild-comfort of my parents house. And when I finally did go out tonight, I drank one margarita and did this:

Rock 'n roll MILD style for sure. I'm posing with my amiga since the 9th grade, Iliana! She has been known to get all mild up on this blog...hopefully she'll start mildly blogging here again soon.

2. Another of my best friends since the 9th grade (who was even too mild to have one margarita tonight) sent me a photo of her father discovering the PhotoBooth feature on a Mac computer for the first time.

I hope I don't get sued for posting these unauthorized GIRLS GONE MILD pics of the year. This site is going to be blowin' up. SHOW US YOUR PARENTS!!!

3. I had two opposite-of-mild animal encounters yesterday. First, at 4am while waiting for the airport shuttle since I am single and only a significant other will take you to the airport that early in the morning (Mildly, THE TRUTH) I was this close to getting skunked. It was comical, but also eerily frighening SINCE I HAD BEEN UP ALL NIGHT CLEANING (for my catsitter, OF COURSE) and (not) packing. Then hours later, once I was home in Tejas, my parent's 3-legged cat who my Mom swears is the reincarnation of her deceased father (mildly absurd, I know) BIT ME ON THE ARM. Maybe it was the Rapture in the air, but there was some serious Girls Gone Mild meets Animals Gone Wild business going on. Luckily, I didn't get skunked and Grandpa-Kitty didn't break the skin.

4. Remember when I mentioned buying a straight male friend of mine a giant fruit basket (like literally, a basket MADE of fruit) for his birthday? Well, here's the photo he took to prove it.

April 27th, 2011

Please note, it's in a TENNIS BALL. Because apparently I think men like fruit and sports. My mild assumptions will get me everywhere. I should make a Girls Gone Mild gift-giving guide. (Just you wait until holiday season rolls around--you'll never be at a loss as what to get your platonic straight male friends again!) GGM FTW.

5. During a massage last week (Yeah, I know I just had one like two weeks ago, but a Mild Girl's gotta do what a Mild Girl's gotta do), I had the most Liz Lemon moment ever when the hunky male massage therapist (yeah, I KNOW, ok) and I somehow mid-90 minute massage got into a mild ARGUMENT about analog vs. digital. It actually took me out of being relaxed for a second and I had to mildly tell him LETS GET BACK TO BUSINESS I mean, LETS NOT TALK ABOUT BUSINESS since analog and digital are pretty much wrapped up in what I do and what think about all the time, hence my mild need for PHYSICAL CONTACT. Just kidding (except I'm not!).

6. Real text message conversation between a friend and me last night (on you know, Saturday night)

Me (out of the blue):
I don't look like Sarah McLachlan do I?!

No, I don't think so. Why?

I got paranoid about being a redhead with a boring hairstyle.

Aw, it's cute, but you can cut it if you want!

What's interesting about that is SHE DIDN'T SAY MY HAIRCUT WASN'T BORING.

Maybe I'll make some mild changes this week.

Yours in mildness,
Cathy de la Mild

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