May 24, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Mild.

Hi everyone,

I am writing this still at "home" in Texas visting my family. I have flannel pajamas with flowers on them. Mild, I know. (Here is a photo of my older sister and me in Texas a million years a go. Please not the mild crazy cat ladyness started early.)

I told a guy about how excited I was about next week's New Moon AND Solar Eclipse and realize how obscenely mild that must have sounded.

Do you read Penelope Trunk? I think she's absolutely fantastic and last night, I accidentally "liked" (on Facebook) an article of hers called "How to date your co-worker" forgetting how it would show up loud and clear on my Facebook page and then immediately erased. What a mild brush with work-gossip. Especially since I am Facebook friends WITH my co-workers. If they only knew how mild I am.

Today, I cooked my parents a dinner comprised of pesto salmon, bell pepper quinoa and portabella mushrooms. Mildly delicious. Mildly making up for all those years I was NOT a Girls Gone Mild.

A best friend since the 9th grade and I saw BRIDESMAIDS today. I highly recommend it to all in search of a good lady-rom-com. Though I swear one scene almost made people in the audience hurl. Radically mild and un-mild all at once. Go Kristin Wiig! (Then that same childhood bff and me took this photo. She made me Photoshop her face from a "better" photo on to her body here.)

Tonight, a straight male friend gave me hair advice over instant message from California. This is how mild my relationships with men are. "Bangs or no bangs?" (Here is a reminder of what bangs looked like.)

I am mildly impressed with myself not having checked my work email in 4 days now! And I kept my cell phone turned off for 24 whopping hours yesterday.

I got asked out by a very handsome man today. I think he wears suits all the time though. I am mildly intimidated. I long for the days when men neither dressed better or worse than me. Can't we just meet in the Mild middle of fashion?

Goodnight mild sweethears,
Cathy de la Mild

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