January 31, 2011

Mild variations.

Tonight, I read some of my Girls Gone Mild entries out loud to a best friend.

He couldn't stop cracking up.

He said I should have a book.

I would love to have a book.

File it M for MILD.


January 27, 2011

All I can do is apologize for not writing more.

Mild Updates

I've been thinking more about exercising, but haven't started doing it. So I try and walk more every day. Less driving, more walking. Mild exercise, but something.

My friend, Heather who was visiting from San Francisco and I spent last Friday night eating a healthy dinner, then drinking white wine while researching our family ancestry. I'm not even joking. MILDLY AWESOME. I love my lady-friends.

Astrologically, my "quest for true love" is finally happening. I guess that's what's going on. I knew something was happening. I just thought it was an earthquake. MILDLY ENTERTAINING.

I got a manicure on my lunch break from work last week. Who needs food when you've got black nail polish and wine?

I spent last Sunday hiking through Griffith Park in the dorkiest workout clothes ever with Nikki. MILD HIKE. Very mild. But still a blast. I am so 30. I love to walk now.

I was invited to a BADMINTON PARTY. I mean, need I say more. MILD!!!

I bought plane tickets to Chicago for Valentines Day and the days that surround it for a few reasons:

1) A bff from high school is performing a monologue I wrote about having my heart trampled on (surprise) in a week or so run at a theater there. I'M PSYCHED. MILD CELEBRITY. Just kidding.

2) I needed somewhere to go on Vday. I can't handle the pressure of that day in a place where I live without that kind of stuff (romance, etc.). It's MILDLY RUNNING AWAY.

I didn't call my ex-boyfriend to catch up. MILDLY INTIMIDATING even though it shouldn't be.

I am mildly obsessed with getting blow outs from this place in L.A. called DRY BAR. $35 + a tip and my hair looks INSANE. Like I'm in a Pantene commercial or Jennifer Aniston's wig. MILDLY BEYOND GIRLY.

My friend, Natalie and I never get to see each other, but when we do, we order an entire pizza for just the two of us. MILDLY PIZZA PARTY.

Monday night is still the night of my favorite DJ night. But I'm trying to be good and only stayed until like 11:45pm this week. MILDLY SELF-IMPOSED CURFEW.

I maybe got a professional tarot card reading this week. MILDLY MAGICAL.

I had a houseguest for two nights in my mini-home. A big gay man on my tiny little couch. MILDLY SLUMBER PARTY STYLE WHEN YOU'RE 30.

My friend shared her Google calendar with me and now I unintentionally know what she's doing ALL the time. MILD BUT SWEET STALKING. No, but we never get to see each other because we're so busy, so at least I know what she's up to and it feels like being in touch. Like, without having talked to her in a week, I know that she's meeting her new boyfriend's parents tomorrow and I'm like OMG. MILD STAYING IN TOUCH.

Tonight, I showed my therapist a picture of my crush and my cat. Not together. Separate pictures. You can quote me on that first part. I mean, it just might be the GIRLS GONE MILD quote of the century. I'll italicize it so you KNOW.

Keep on being mild in the free world,

January 20, 2011

Real email thread between my co-worker and I.

Me: "Would you mind going to 7-11 to get ice? I hate buying ice."

Him: "Sure thing. What a weird thing to hate."

Me: "That and hugging."

Him: "And being touched while eating."

Me: "So many things really."


January 18, 2011

The Mild Girl's Guide to Rocking.

Starring: Electrelane, R.I.P.

I've seriously never seen something more mild that also totally rocks.


January 16, 2011

Sunday cat nap.

This morning, I woke up propped up sitting-in-bed style, the way you find yourself sleeping when you have a cough that keeps you up all night.

I was strangely taking up a lot of space in bed, using a lot more blankets than usual, propping me up in different ways and the first thing I thought of when I woke up was: I hope I didn't squish Earl (my 18-year old cat).

Earl loves to sleep in bed with me (glad someone/something does! Kidding...kind of.) so I knew she must be somewhere in this mess of blankets.

And then I found her.

The devoted pet she is, she was hanging off the one edge of my bed available to her.

So when my single lady friends ask me "Will a cat really make me less depressed?"

I think you know what my answer is.

Keep it mild,

January 13, 2011

Un-mild girls.

REQUIRED LISTENING while doing mild work.

What mild or un-mild things are you listening to right now?


January 9, 2011

I've been mildly under the weather this weekend.

I'll let you figure out which photos of me were taken this weekend.

The others are collected from the last few years.

Apparently, it is the mild thing to do to photograph yourself while under the weather.

You know, photographing myself every time I was out sick is kind of great because it lets me figure out what months I am prone to such things. April/May, October and January apparently.

OK I cheated. In the photo of me and a friend, he was the sick one. I was just vacationing in his sick-land. And the juice shots may have cured my sore throat. And the kale salad, well, I probably should have finished it (I let someone else).

Please take care of your mild self!

January 6, 2011

Lets talk about mild

I have done so many mild things in the last month. I don't even know where to begin.

I sent out holiday cards this year = MILD.

I blogged on work website FOR FUN = MILD

I often stayed in watching Mad Men instead of going out = MILD

I got really excited the Subway kids meal came in this super cute re-usable bag/I got the Subway kids meal = MILD

I went to a very non-hipster concert/party for New Year's Eve and it was so much genuine fun = MILD

I borrowed a grandma style sweater from my friend's vintage shop to wear on my 30th birthday = MILD

I was really calm about a picture of me in a bra i.e. no shirt someone posted on Facebook. I just calmly texted and left them a voicemail reminding them I am a teacher and I'm not sure what their privacy settings are, etc, etc. I was so calm about it. It's 2011. Won't we move past Facebook photos getting our reputation's tarnished? = MILD

I saw the movie Tiny Furniture with my friend who is in her mid-60s but is way more wild than me and it hit a little too close for home to me = MILD.

I ate fat-free yogurt with Omega-3 trail mix mixed in and Emergen-C and then Wellness Cold and Flu herbal tea for breakfast = MILD

This could go on for days, so I have to stop somewhere. But be happy I'm back, in the Mild Mild West.


January 4, 2011

Tonight there is a new moon.

You can write a list of your intentions for the next 30 days and then you should hold on to it.

You can also write a list of what you hope to release in the next 30 days. This is the list you should then burn.

One of the things I wrote down that I wanted was for Earl, my cat to stay happy and healthy.

Mild moon, y'all!

January 3, 2011

January 2, 2011

I did something really mild tonight.

I baked cookies for the first time in years and I watched MAD MEN on DVD while doing it.

Previous to that, I drank too many cocktails and stayed out way too late.

It's a new year though. Time to turn the clock back to MILD. Mild feels absolutely heavenly right about now.