February 19, 2012

Girls Gone Superbowl Sunday

Yeah, I know that was TWO WEEKS AGO, but I've been having too mildly of a good time to give you a proper update.

Superbowl Sunday, Christin Turner (one of my favorite music video directors--we'll watch something from her in a bit) and I took a trip to LACMA to see the In Wonderland exhibit: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States. Because you know, that's what mild ladies do on Superbowl Sunday.

When she first arrived, she had to talk me down from the ugly ledge that was SHORTS AND UGGS:

And what would we do at my place when all I have going for me here is this mild-girl-bachelor-fridge?

Here's C.T. before we even left my apartment, sitting under my AFFIRMATIONS. No big mild deal.

Once we got to LACMA, there was A LOT to look at. Mildly best way to spend a Sunday.

But like always, I mildly had time to self-portrait in the bathroom. (One day, I will move beyond this.)

This was one of my favorite pieces. I had mildly fantasized about this image my entire life, but never knew how to even go about making it happen. So I was happy to see that my fantasy painting already existed.

If you're wondering who it's by:

We were however, mildly underwhelmed by the Chris Burden METROPOLIS piece. (Sorry, it's blurry, but trust me, you're not missing much, Burden fans.)

But then some light art in the permanent collection got us going again (well, mildly going):

Like awesome mild ladies, we were excited that the full moon was a-coming:

Afterwards, we kept the mild factor going and saw PINA IN 3-D where I looked like this. And yes, I had to drink movie theater coffee because I worried about falling asleep after all the women painter excitement which really took it out of me. (Kidding, it was awesome, but I was mildly sleepy by the end of it and we did have some martinis somewhere in there.)

P.S. Here's one of Christin's beautiful videos for the amazing Dum Dum Girls:

Until we mildly meet again

February 8, 2012

On the first mild WEEK without Facebook...

1. I fell in love with M.I.A. harder than I ever have before.

(Evidence A)

(Evidence B)

2. I realized I'm my Mom's daughter every time I send out a link to a depressing news article. Maybe if I told my Mom she could read about depressing things and share them with friends, she would use email more. KIDDING. But seriously, my Mom and me both equally love a DEPRESSING STORY.

3. This woman is so great, it makes me want to cry:

I seriously don't understand what's happening, but it's incredible.

4. I haven't talked to my college roommate in way too long. CELESTE L., if you're reading this, CALL ME.

5. Mildly Not Safe For Work, but I love this music video director:

Claire Edmondson, please make more things.

6. According to like a million different astrologers and horoscopes, I NEED to go out Thursday. I have now asked EVERYONE I KNOW what is happening on Thursday and think I should either go to:

a) a screening of experimental short films

b) an indy film screening

c) a comedy show

d) an art museum

e) after any of these not panning out, A BAR.


7. Got emailed for full moon burn list advice. MY REPUTATION is obviously at its highest point. Um...

8. The thought that I might watch this every day as a pep talk:

GIRLS RUN THE WORLD and I'm not talking about the Beyonce video

9. In response to the question, do you have any dietary restrictions, I wrote the following, ensuring I will not get anymore dinner party invites for the year:

I don't like to eat things with faces (i.e. fish with eyes or a luau style pig on a roasting stick...ha! it's true though. or things that I have to crack like lobster or shellfish, etc.) Basically, while I eat meat, I have only been doing so for the last 2 years and am still easing into the reality that these were once living creatures. Omg.

That being said, I love vegetarian food and meaty food where I can't see faces, eyes, legs or tails.

10. A friend sent me a Groupon for a SPRAY TAN and all I could think was...WHAT WOULD I LOOK LIKE WITH A SPRAY TAN?!

Dressed to mildly kill,

February 6, 2012

On the first mild weekend without Facebook...

You all, I am writing this from my iPhone because my "beautiful" 2005 PowerBook will no longer turn on.

Anyway, it's been a cool as a cucumber type Facebook-less weekend though I spent more money than usual, probs in direct result to being more social. Sad but mildly true.

Saturday, I had a mild girl breakfast alone in Venice...where I kept myself preoccupied with a psychology book. One of many I've been reading purely to try and get grasp on why people (including my mild self) act or don't act the way they do. Mildly absorbing.

I met up with a friend about adapting her short story into an animated film. Mildly exciting.

Then I went shopping where I didn't buy this dress:

Even though I looked mildly foxy in it if I do say so myself.

But I did buy these guys:

Um sexy peel soap, it's raining men body wash and ex-factor bath bomb. No big valentines for one deal.

Had dinner at the nickel diner where everyone I was with ordered the healthy-ish soup and salad and I went for it with my crazy chicken and stuffing. Mildly not ashamed to eat like I love food in public.

And now I must admit its mildly too hard to keep typing this on my phone so...see you tomorrow from a larger keypad hopefully.

Do unto mildness as mildness does to you,

February 4, 2012

To tide you over...

until I mildly have enough time to write about Day 3 AND 4.

(Me and a friend, having a mildly good time during the last week of January.)

Catch me if you mildly can,

February 3, 2012

On the third mild day without Facebook...

1. I mildly went to the post office and bought a money order! I just feel like they are so much safer than checks because even if the person doesn't cash it right away, IT'S OUT OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW. Float on through the mail, little money order. Float on to your new home. MILD INSANITY.

2. I got really excited about the possibility of seeing the Raincoats for the SECOND TIME IN MY LIFE. Not mild at all except for the fact that I could see someone referring to them as "mild punk rock".

3. I wrote a "letter to the editor" type email calling a business owner on her sh*t for mildly assuming all her clients are straight. (She had sent a mildly annoying mass email that was titled "Forward to your boyfriend/hubby!") I didn't actually care because it was on such a low level of anything that I almost couldn't be bothered, BUT...why not mildly call someone out on their hetero-normative assumptions!

4. One of my best friends thinks I am obsessed with Jiffy Lube thanks to that last blog entry. MAYBE JIFFY LUBE IS A MILD GIRL'S CAR'S BEST FRIEND, OK!

5. I SIGNED UP FOR IMPROV CLASSES!!! What. Mild comedy to ensue. Will keep you posted. But basically it came down to wanting to spend my money on classes that might actually boost my confidence and writing ability versus a conference that might just make me join a cult. Kidding. KIND OF.


You're mildly welcome.

7. OK and this too.

I know. I KNOW.

8. Is mildly surprised that any close friend of mine had to ask me which ex that Onion article was referencing yesterday. Not to mildly insult 99% of my ex's, but there was only one mildly HUGE relationship in my life thus far. #MildlyPersonalConfessions

9. Is so mild, not only couldn't I get into the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, but I was TOO TIRED to go see the dude from STORYCORPS at Skylight Books. I seriously had to buy a coffee at 5:15pm on the way home to MAKE IT WITHOUT FALLING ASLEEP. Just plain MILD.

10. I think this woman is my mild hero:

Mildly the best,

February 2, 2012

On the second mild day without Facebook...

1. I had an amazing 1.5 hour convo with my astrologer. Her name is Rosie and she lives in Washington state. You can talk to her over the phone from wherever you are. I actually found her through my former boss who was given advice to QUIT her job (!) and assured she would be OK on her next life journey. She was/is OK. Rosie's that kind of astrologer. She makes you feel assured what you're thinking is going to pan out...or not. Rosie tells it how it mildly is.

2. After sending some friends links to yesterday's blog, I learned that one of them (Jamie, I'm looking at you!) had previously thought about making a life-without-Facebook blog. Yeah, that means I'm mildly unoriginal, but so what. Here's Jamie as a kid, mildly rocking Mariah Carey's SOMEDAY:


4. I had some mild sadness for child actors.

5. THE ONION wrote that I am "married now." And yes, by un-cloaking my anonymous-ness there, I am also un-cloaking MY MILD INSANITY. (That ex and I are totally still friends by the mild way!)

6. My friend, Kate wrote this beautiful blog entry about teaching art to kids in Africa. Mildly INSPIRING.

7. I realized that I am even too mild for the Natural History Museum tomorrow, as the show I intended on going to is MILDLY SOLD OUT.

8. I learned that on little sleep, I can be TMI with the barista. TOO MILD OF INFORMATION!!! You know you love me, Cafecito Organico!

9. I had an awesome phone catch up with a mildly wonderful lady friend who might come to visit me from out of town this weekend. I actually said to her "You shouldn't come on Saturday night, but Sunday morning instead. I don't want you to be let down by my Saturday night MILDNESS." Seriously people, plan ahead--I am not a party animal anymore.

10. The Mild Award Of The Day goes to how truly happy it made me to get my oil changed today. Mildly responsible adult after years of being "the baby" in the family. Yeah, I admitted it.

Always mild,

February 1, 2012

On the first mild day without Facebook...

1. I woke up on my own (in more ways than one) at 7am after about you know, TEN HOURS of sleep.

2. I responded to emails before 8am probably prompting friends to think I was drunk-emailing after pulling an all-nighter, but really I WAS JUST BEING RESPONSIBLE.

3. I read my Astrology Zone horoscope promptly emailing my work email address which days were good career days and noted on my iPhone which days were good for LOVE. Mild sigh.

4. By 11am, I was confirming with a friend to go to YOGA BOOTY BALLET dance class at 8:30pm tonight. By 8:15pm, I had to drag myself there, but it was worth it. I got to dance to Shakira like a crazy person. A crazy mild person.

5. By 11:30am, I was bugging a co-worker for the MAKE AND MODEL OF HER WATER FAUCET FILTER because that's how I mildly roll.

6. By noon I found out that probably one of the most influential artists of my lifetime, Mike Kelley died yesterday by taking his own life. You can read about it everywhere, but it hit especially close to home because so many of friends and graduate school classmates have worked full-time for him--he employed so many artists in L.A. This is not mild at all. This is real and the sadness is huge. I'm sending love out to all my friends who knew him, who's lives will be directly changed because of this awfulness and to everyone who's ever been inspired by him. It's a loss not just for the L.A. art world, but for the universe.

7. By 1pm, I was fairly sure I was going to attend a weekend SOUND HEALING RETREAT in March. I think it will be the most perfect thing in the world for me. Mildly CAN'T GET HERE SOON ENOUGH.

8. By 5pm, I had made plans to go to a concert Friday night at the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. Mild.

9. Driving home from work around 6:45pm, I may have friend-broken-up with someone who really let me down. Hopefully, it's only temporary, but...mildly dramatic.

10. I ate a self-made pita pizza for breakfast AND for dinner. Mildly delicious.

Here's to another mild day without The Social Network,