January 30, 2012

Girls Gone Mild: BLAND-UARY Re-cap

1. I am pretty sure I scared two different men by asking them out this month. Mildly terrified them probably. OH WELL.


3. I just got way too excited that one of my teen students got accepted to his top choice college. MILDLY PAGEANT MOM/TEACHER.

4. I spent all of Friday and Saturday night WORKING. And slept a maximum of 5 hours each night because I was WORKING so hard. Flip Chart Saturday night = it doesn't get more mild than that.

5. I updated my Facebook one too many times today. I updated so many times that people might be shocked that I ACTUALLY LEFT THE HOUSE not once, not twice, BUT THREE SEPARATE (MILD) TIMES.

6. Really found in my Google search just now: "Best deep dish pizza Los Angeles". Mildly hungry.

7. I just read an article on homeschooling, not because a) I have kids but b) I want to be the best educator possible and understand where kids are coming from. MILDLY GOODIE TWO SHOES.

8. I bought my first pair of Uggs...IN LAS VEGAS. Ladies and gentlemen, that's how mildly I spent my Sunday night in Las Vegas last weekend. At least it was Sunday and not Saturday. And I was on my way to a strip bar. A mild strip bar. All I saw were man-butts. And chests. THESE CHESTS:

9. I woke up at 7:30am today after accidentally falling alseep at 7pm last night. MILD 'O CLOCK. And I'm actually keeping myself from eating a tiny piece of chocolate for fear it will keep me awake. SENSITIVE-TO-CAFFEINE 'O CLOCK.

10. I finally bought an iPhone. Unfortunately, I was in a mildly terrible mood/emotional state when I bought it and must have seemed like this:

Yours in mildness,

January 26, 2012

Mildly California.

I'm mildly alive you guys.

I swear.

This has been a mildly crazy month though: sick fathers, hospitalized ex's, friends of friends dying, elderly relatives being financially swindled, work being infested with mice, disappearing men, you know, THE USUAL.

Be back soon!

January 23, 2012

Mild moon intentions for January 2012

1. To force chores for at least 15 minutes because according to COSMO (!) magazine aka my guilty pleasure, after 15 minutes you are most likely to complete your boring task.

2. Flossing more! (Mild!!)

3. Writing/emailing people back.

4. To eat within 30 minutes of waking up. Mild metabolism love.

5. Eating food on a plate. NO MORE mildly-standing-around-the-kitchen-because-I'm-pressed-for-time.

6. For the love of god, figure out ONLINE BANKING/TEXTING.

7. Must work on imagining the love, sex, and romance I want to come into my life by April. BECAUSE THAT ASTROLOGICAL CLOCK BE-A-TICKING.

8. To always make time for my mild self.

9. Listen to classical music in the bath. Mmmild.

10. To continue feeling as positive and confident as I did the first few weeks of January, if not more positive and confident. :)


January 6, 2012

Mildly Texas-ish

I spent the December/January holidays in Texas with my family and lets just say IT WAS AS MILD AS I WANTED IT TO BE.

And then some.

Happy mild new year!

January 1, 2012

Happy Mild New Year!

Here are some things I highly appreciated about 2011!


I hope your first day of 2012 was as mild as mine! (Which was pretty mild.)