December 31, 2010

And these are the last hours of visiting my family.

If you don't hear from me before, I hope your New Year's Eve is mild or not mild--I just hope it is exactly what you want it to be.

Bye Bye 2010. I thought you had your moments!

See you in Mild 2011,

December 30, 2010

Today is my last day visiting my family.

And I appropriately have a bit of a stomachache.

Its been so mild in my hometown, that I really don't want to leave.

December 29, 2010

Mild wild.

Because I felt like you needed some tunes since I just can't bring myself to write anything these days. It's vacation. And this was one heck of a year.

But like the song says, I never want to leave you.

December 27, 2010

The mild Texas vacation continues.

Today, I visited my Dad's office.

Last night, I drank a $2.50 dirty martini at a gay bar.

I've been wearing flannel pajamas a lot.

Here's to mildness in 2011,

December 26, 2010

Every December 25th

I have a get-together with my hometown ladyfriends and we call this get-together, TIT-MAS.

It was the smallest Tit-mas we've ever had: only 5 of us in attendance, but it's always so wonderful to reconnect with everyone.

I hadn't seen Jacquie in 2 years. Heather just moved to California so I get to her more, but seeing Heather in our hometown is always something special. Celeste hosted and was her amazing unique self as always. Iliana brought us tamales and was funny as ever. I got my boobs duct tapes "pageant style" to see what kind of cleavage I could have. Pretty good folks, PRETTY GOOD.

December 24, 2010

My mild X-mas Eve horoscope.

"Dreams can be very refreshing to the spirit. At times we all need to withdraw a bit from the real world and encounter our inner selves."

I mean, I already do this ALL the time, but I am really excited that I'm MEANT to do this today/tonight.

Happy mild holidays, everyone!

December 23, 2010

Back on the mild side.

I spent 4 days in the car driving from California to Texas.

Leaving L.A., my hand got scratched pretty bad by my friend's cat and I was convinced for an hour it was going to get infected.

We made it to Arizona that night and pulled over to a gas station in the rain and ate vegetables we had chopped before the cat scratched me.

We slept in a Comfort Inn that night, fearful of bed bugs even though no one on TripAdvisor said anything to the sort.

Day 2, we drove to Williams, AZ where we retrieved a pillow a colleague had left the weekend before at another Motel 6. So weird, even for us.

Then on to the Grand Canyon which was cold, windy and magical.

That night we made it to New Mexico where against our better judgment we ate at a Cracker Barrel and both of our stomachs felt upset.

And we drove a little further and slept in a Quality Inn which was much nicer than the previous night's hotel.

Day 3 we drove through New Mexico and it took forever. Like really, all day.

We eventually made it through Texas with felt like a finish line. We slept in a little cabin in Alpine, TX and it felt like my childhood mixed with Little House on the Prairie.

Day 4, we explored Marfa, Texas which was just wonderful. My friend had to pry me from this town.

We drove through West Texas and for hours, we were the only car on the road ALONE. But it was beautiful in its own barren away. We eventually made it to the Pecos River which was pretty special. And Del Rio where we ate at a Lubys and Uvalde, where I may have been conceived. We stopped at a Dairy Queen.

Then home to Texas, where it felt like we were entering through some hidden entry way.

I've never entered Texas through this direction. The direction of coming "home" from California.

I'll try to get my mild act together and write some more before the year's end.


December 18, 2010

Dear Girls Gone Mild,

I haven't forgotten about you.

I just haven't had a moment to update.

I promise to take a mild moment soon and write you about these uncharacteristically UN-mild few days.

But tonight, I am DJ-ing and then tomorrow I am embarking on a 3-day+ road trip!

Just know, I wanna fight for the right to be mild...REALLY SOON.


December 10, 2010

The last Girls Gone Mild OF MY TWENTIES.

I am totally bummed that no other contributors have posted anything since this blog's first week of existence, but I know we are all busy this time of year SO I GUESS I CAN FORGIVE THEM!

I have been so busy working, traveling, planning my 30th birthday bash, having houseguests, I barely have a moment to tell you about all my mildness.

Rest assured of the following:

I still don't feel comfortable wearing makeup.

Many times, I wear what I slept in the night before out in public the next day.

I know American Apparel is sexist and I am a feminist, but sometimes, I enjoy finding something that fits me and then being able to buy it in 8 different colors. IT MAKES IT SO EASY TO GET DRESSED.

I think the reason I like wearing tights so much is because I am lazy and it means I don't have to pick out socks to go with my leggings--the tights make it ONE LESS STEP.

I still come home to my senior citizen cat and she still totally is the unconditional love of my life...besides my family.

If that makes me a crazy cat lady, then I don't ever want to be sane.

Happy end of my twenties TO ME!


December 8, 2010

Hangover Gone Mild.

I'm so mild that sometimes I feel "naughty" (god, I hate that word) going to sleep without washing my makeup off!

Gasp, I know.

But sometimes it feels wild to do these kinds of things.

And then I wake up with this mild glow. Like I went out the night before and never went to sleep for 8 hours in a warm, cozy bed.

But I did.

December 7, 2010

Jeans Gone Mild.

For those who know me, you know I DON'T wear pants. I keep it mild with skirts and dresses with leggings and tights

Low and behold, it just felt like a LETS WEAR JEANS AND JUST PRAY I MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY kind of day today. You know, at 6am when I woke up after 4 hours of mild sleep to get to work early so I could finish everything before this sure to be intense meeting I have and then my final day of teaching 10-year olds filmmaking.

Anyway, I apologize about not writing more here, but I got swept away in the November holidays, am currently swept away planning by very un-mild 30th birthday bash (you only turn 30 once, right...unless you're Rachel Zoe. She's probably turned 30 a few times.) and then will try and catch you up to mild-speed from Texas where I'll be visiting my mild-family come second half of December.

Love and mildness,

December 6, 2010

Whatever happened to Baby Mild Jane?

I let the makeup counter girl do "whatever she wanted" and this was her result.

Mild Ladies don't need makeup.

December 3, 2010

Today, my friend took a picture of my cat through my window while I was at work.

Then she picture-phoned it to me and I was at work and my phone wouldn't let me see the image for some reason so I let her know that and she emailed it to me and I had to wait hours later for when I was finally home with said cat to see what said cat looks like/is up to when I'm at work.

Mildly working or working mild?