May 28, 2012

I mildly wrote this yesterday...on an airplane.

I'm currently sitting on a plane headed to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas and in front of me is the mildly most annoying 50+ year old white man who keeps asking the 83-year Chinese woman next to him if she wants a shot of tequila and asking her if she speaks any English and calling her his "little buddy". Did I mention he also got 2 mini bottles of wine at once. He's mildly driving me INSANE.*I would later identify as my repulsion of him not just due to the alcoholism and racism rampant in his every move, but as the "Death of a Salesman" syndrome where I now after seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman ruin his family member's lives via the Broadway play, I look at every man as a potential father/husband and a potential RUIN-ER OF LIVES. Which is how I definitely thought of this man when he whipped out his smart phone to show the elderly woman beside him, photos of him 13-year old stepdaughter. Mild sigh. ~ You guys, I have a mild revelation that is sending shock waves through my mild world: I SNORE. I've only been kicked out of bed once...recently, but how mildly embarrassing is that?! But I'm also kind of relieved to know that's probably why I'm so mildly exhausted every day. I snore! And research says people who snore are not getting restful sleep during the night. Next up: finding a mild remedy for the Snorepalooza that is my life every night. Another mild (and embarrassed) sigh. ~ There is currently a vegan chef mildly running a secret TO GO cafe out of my apartment today. I'm so not even mildly kidding. My life is so mildly weird...mostly because I make it they way. Yours in mildness even when I'm in the sky LITERALLY, Cathy

May 10, 2012

Mildly belated April fooling.

Alright, I may have lied when I said I wasn't giving up on this blog. I'm not sure where I stand with mild things at this present time, but I'll try and re-cap where I've mildly been: I spent Valentine's day with a gay male bff.
I know it's a stereotype, but for mildly good reason. See also: I didn't just eat some pizza, I wrote sketch comedy about a girl obsessed with pizza. No mild idea where that inspiration came from.
I tried to take "sexy" photos of me in bed reading my friend's new book of poetry. SHOW US YOUR BOOKS!
This is what one particularly MILD but AWESOME Friday night looked like for me:
My friend, broke her foot mildly trying to catch a flight.
So I took this photo for her, but forgot to send it.
To be continued...I hope! Always on the mild side, Cathy