May 28, 2012

I mildly wrote this yesterday...on an airplane.

I'm currently sitting on a plane headed to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas and in front of me is the mildly most annoying 50+ year old white man who keeps asking the 83-year Chinese woman next to him if she wants a shot of tequila and asking her if she speaks any English and calling her his "little buddy". Did I mention he also got 2 mini bottles of wine at once. He's mildly driving me INSANE.*I would later identify as my repulsion of him not just due to the alcoholism and racism rampant in his every move, but as the "Death of a Salesman" syndrome where I now after seeing Phillip Seymour Hoffman ruin his family member's lives via the Broadway play, I look at every man as a potential father/husband and a potential RUIN-ER OF LIVES. Which is how I definitely thought of this man when he whipped out his smart phone to show the elderly woman beside him, photos of him 13-year old stepdaughter. Mild sigh. ~ You guys, I have a mild revelation that is sending shock waves through my mild world: I SNORE. I've only been kicked out of bed once...recently, but how mildly embarrassing is that?! But I'm also kind of relieved to know that's probably why I'm so mildly exhausted every day. I snore! And research says people who snore are not getting restful sleep during the night. Next up: finding a mild remedy for the Snorepalooza that is my life every night. Another mild (and embarrassed) sigh. ~ There is currently a vegan chef mildly running a secret TO GO cafe out of my apartment today. I'm so not even mildly kidding. My life is so mildly weird...mostly because I make it they way. Yours in mildness even when I'm in the sky LITERALLY, Cathy

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