March 17, 2011

Pioneers gone mild.

Have been really scared of the premise of this for awhile, but the trailer is kind of like a low budget PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK meets THE SEARCHERS so my interest has been peaked.


March 16, 2011

Nothing is permanent...except for mildness.

Just kidding!

But today, I achieved one of the most mild moments in herstory.

On my way back to work from a depressing doctor's appointment (like really depressing because apparently, turning 30 meant my health would start to MIDLY deteriorate), I stopped at


(Um, mild anyone?!)

and seriously bought two things:

a Nicki Minaj CD and a Twix candy bar.

The Queen of the Mildhood

March 15, 2011

Cats Gone Wild

I think the author of this is a Girl Gone Mild:

I think this music video is Glamour Shots Gone Mild:

My cat might look like Elderly Female Cat Gone Mild:

But you should know that on Sunday night, she scratched my face (my nose!) while I was asleep and I thought it was a dream, but then I woke up with blood on face. Truly, as wild as a Sunday night can get for a Girl Gone Mild.



March 14, 2011

I'm so not excited.

I am trying to remember that it is a mild girl's duty to find greater meaning in what she does; what I do. I can't blame anyone else for not generating enough excitement in my life. It's all on me.

Two astrologists have told me I might enter a new romantic relationship next month. It's funny because I think I am holding back a lot this month, which is so silly--thinking it's all going to happen next month.

But truthfully, I'm not attracted to anyone stable.

"Your choice of companions and colleagues right now may reflect the process of developing unlived potentials within yourself."

Two of my short films are showing in New York in May. I don't think I've ever screened my work in L.A.

Apparently, the qualities I find attractive in other people are the ones I have undervalued in myself and when I finally make room to develop these qualities of mine, it will allow others to be themselves around me and get closer to me.


A mild girl is learning so much through her horoscope for the year.

Yours in mildness,

March 8, 2011

What a mild girl's fridge looks like.

Back to my horoscope for the

I've been DJ-ing a lot lately. I sometimes fantasize about being able to make a living playing my favorite songs for other people. But I'm not sure how much I would find that satisfying.

I thought about getting trained to be a trauma counselor, but I was scared to make a 1-year commitment.

Anything that used to seem "eccentric" to me, TOTALLY makes sense now.

I've definitely made changes in my personal life.

I want to share the (new) things that interest me, but I am afraid it overwhelms people, that I overwhelm people.

I felt some disinterest in some of my close relationships and unfortunately, I confronted when I should have seen it as more of a reason to extend my social parameters. I guess there's still time...

I started fantasizing about getting my phD in Communication: Feminist Media Studies.

Two astrologers have told me I should take an art class right now...something I don't already know how to do (that shouldn't be hard...kidding.).

I am on the tip of telling people how I feel at the moment I feel it, but still not quite there.

"You are likely to be quite restless and impatient with many areas of your life, not least your own mental attitudes, which in some ways may have become a little stale and stuck over the last few years." (Uh, right on.)

I basically need to read and exercise more. DUH.

I am bored and I don't need to go deep down inside myself to see that.

"Take the plunge and study something you have always longed to learn; or go for the job which you always aspired to but thought you weren't good enough to get."


Apparently though, I am also "not conscious of your own negativity".

I am so confused.

Yours in mildness,

March 7, 2011

Mild astrology.

I totally had a late night insomniac purchase a couple of weeks ago, which was...oh you know, MY ASTROLOGICAL PORTRAIT FOR THE YEAR.


I mean, it's supposed to be just for my exact birthdate (down to the time and location where I was born) so this won't exactly help any of you, BUT some of is important stuff for anyone to know and/or remember...

So here is some stuff it told me about the "trends" I'll see in my life in 2011:

My difficult emotional life will often take priority this year. (Yikes.) I should use an conflicts with loved ones (ouch) as a way of resolving emotional patterns from the past which have been negatively affecting me for some time. (Awesome.)

What I want and my "External situation" (I'm pretty sure that means my REALITY) are in CONSIDERABLE CONFLICT. (Sigh.) I really need to think before I act. (Um, yeah.)

I need to make necessary changes in my life because my needs and values are changing. (It's about time.)

I need to learn to approve of myself instead of looking for others' approval as a way of achieving personal happiness.

I'm in for a turbulent year. (But the majority of the time, turbulence is just turbulence, right? I mean, 9.9 times out of 10 the plane lands FINE.) I'm aware more than ever that I have something to say and I need the tools to say it.

"But you probably need to live out your own special gifts and talents, rather than turning yourself into the devoted acolyte of a charismatic or gifted personality." (WOW. I wish someone had reminded me this a couple of years ago.) I should explore all sorts of ways of being creative because I may discover a talent I didn't know I had. (This is exciting.)

Right now, it's hard to distinguish between princes and toads because I'm basically in a fairy tale forest that's covered in "emotional fog". (Whoa.)

"You may be particularly confused about what you think and how you can communicate your ideas to others, and you may feel rather muddled, absent-minded and lacking in clear direction." (I just typed that in its entirety because it's true, I am unsure about how to communicate lately!)

I'm finding myself around people who I intensely idealize. (Yep.) The magic I sense is not false (awesome), but I need to approach it with common sense so I am not disappointed. (Wow.)

My mind is mildly blown at 1am on a Sunday night.


March 5, 2011

March 4, 2011

March Mildness!

OK so in super GIRLS GONE MILD style I THREW OUT MY BACK while reaching down for a can of cat food.

I'm not even kidding.

I have been in pain since Tuesday and it's ALMOST SATURDAY NOW.


In keeping with my new agey mildness, I am giving you a back-pain-influenced list of my intentions for this upcoming month:

-To value my health (mind, body, and soul) 100% and treat it this way.

-To stretch every day! Like this blog says, I'M NOT 19 ANYMORE.

-To do something physical I enjoy doing at least once a week. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours is a little TOO MILD.

-To force myself to get back into cooking (not because I think women should know how to cook, but because I know it's HEALTHIER and cheaper to cook on my own) by making myself cook meals for friends who come over...since we all know I am not mild enough to cook for myself.

-To get 8 hours of sleep a night. No ifs ands or buts about it. IT'S HIP TO BE MILD.

-To do and wear more things that make me feel more GIRLS GONE WILD more than GIRLS GONE MILD--well, without the lifting my shirt part. Just kidding. But seriously. I dress like a nun sometimes.

-To stop worrying so much about what other people think. ESPECIALLY SINCE I'M AN OPEN BOOK. An AWESOME open book.

-To give myself more free time to CHILLAX guilt-free. I need one day a week where I allow myself to be AS MILD AS I WANNA BE. I need to sleep in, eat leftovers, watch GREY'S ANATOMY on the internet, read Facebook status updates for an hour and maybe just STARE OFF INTO SPACE for another hour...and I need to do this while in my PAJAMAS at 3pm and I need to not care what anyone thinks or that I'm "not being productive". I am being productive GETTING MY CHILLAX ON. So world, I don't care if you judge me on this.

-To apologize less.

-To be less stressed, to let less things in my life that make me stressed, to not less stress overtake my life and affect my health.

-TO GET RID OF CLUTTER. I mean seriously. There are UNOPENED BOXES from when I moved in A YEAR AGO. And some of those are probably unopened boxes from the time I moved before that. I NEED TO LET GO.

-To remember how grateful I am every day for my mild child life. I am so lucky.

-To forgive a few creeps who have hurt my feelings...and probably stop calling them CREEPS.

-To be forgiven my those who I have hurt...knowingly and unknowingly. To you folks, I do say I'M SORRY!

-For my back to be healed soon and for nothing else to pop up in it's place. I'm over being wounded. I get it, universe. I'll take better care of myself!

Cathy de la Mild

March 3, 2011

Mild manifestations for February.

I think you all know I've been providing the universe (um...) with a list of my intentions for every month.

Here is an update on how that list went for February:

None of my friends seemed to be aching from depression they were in January. Whew.

I kind of got a "house-husband" but then I didn't want him after a few days. !

I think I'm better with eye contact...

I think I've been getting along better with my co-workers. I'm at least acknowledging to them "Hey, I'm not in a good mood today. Please don't take this personally." if my tone sounds off or harsh.

I've been trusting my instincts more. Well, "more" is hard to say.

I don't know if I've been "taking the time" to improve upon certain software applications as much as I've come to realize I do know certain pieces of software JUST FINE. It's all about believing in myself.

I believe my students respect me.

I definitely DON'T enjoy being petty. And whenever I felt being "catty" coming on, I tried to remove myself from the situation.

I definitely felt a lot of unconditional love in my life the month of February. Being sick, I had so many amazing friends (and neighbors!) willing to take care of me.

I think a certain crush and I definitely respect each other. If anything, I was the one to disrespect him this month. :(

There was definitely more romance. I look forward to more.

I believe in my strength and sadly learned that not everyone in my life does...

I don't know if I lost weight. I feel good though.

I know I am fun to be around.

I'm open to romance.

Lots of people DID come to my monthly DJ night, ALMOST PARADISE. !

I definitely feel like I am taken seriously. It all comes from taking myself seriously.

I think I am getting more physically toned.

I like to think my boundaries are getting better.

I am definitely taking better care of my car.

I have met more candidates for romance.

A certain group of dudes seems to respect me. Honestly, I didn't spend as much time with them last month as I had been.

I have started ACTING on Rosie's advice.

I do appreciate the life I have.

I have been reading more. Even today, I read more than usual.

I think I have been more confident during public speaking.

I think I'm getting the most out of therapy.


Yours in mild madness,

Mild blast from the mild girl past.

I used to listen to this when I was in high school.

Mild passions ignite!