March 7, 2011

Mild astrology.

I totally had a late night insomniac purchase a couple of weeks ago, which was...oh you know, MY ASTROLOGICAL PORTRAIT FOR THE YEAR.


I mean, it's supposed to be just for my exact birthdate (down to the time and location where I was born) so this won't exactly help any of you, BUT some of is important stuff for anyone to know and/or remember...

So here is some stuff it told me about the "trends" I'll see in my life in 2011:

My difficult emotional life will often take priority this year. (Yikes.) I should use an conflicts with loved ones (ouch) as a way of resolving emotional patterns from the past which have been negatively affecting me for some time. (Awesome.)

What I want and my "External situation" (I'm pretty sure that means my REALITY) are in CONSIDERABLE CONFLICT. (Sigh.) I really need to think before I act. (Um, yeah.)

I need to make necessary changes in my life because my needs and values are changing. (It's about time.)

I need to learn to approve of myself instead of looking for others' approval as a way of achieving personal happiness.

I'm in for a turbulent year. (But the majority of the time, turbulence is just turbulence, right? I mean, 9.9 times out of 10 the plane lands FINE.) I'm aware more than ever that I have something to say and I need the tools to say it.

"But you probably need to live out your own special gifts and talents, rather than turning yourself into the devoted acolyte of a charismatic or gifted personality." (WOW. I wish someone had reminded me this a couple of years ago.) I should explore all sorts of ways of being creative because I may discover a talent I didn't know I had. (This is exciting.)

Right now, it's hard to distinguish between princes and toads because I'm basically in a fairy tale forest that's covered in "emotional fog". (Whoa.)

"You may be particularly confused about what you think and how you can communicate your ideas to others, and you may feel rather muddled, absent-minded and lacking in clear direction." (I just typed that in its entirety because it's true, I am unsure about how to communicate lately!)

I'm finding myself around people who I intensely idealize. (Yep.) The magic I sense is not false (awesome), but I need to approach it with common sense so I am not disappointed. (Wow.)

My mind is mildly blown at 1am on a Sunday night.


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