March 4, 2011

March Mildness!

OK so in super GIRLS GONE MILD style I THREW OUT MY BACK while reaching down for a can of cat food.

I'm not even kidding.

I have been in pain since Tuesday and it's ALMOST SATURDAY NOW.


In keeping with my new agey mildness, I am giving you a back-pain-influenced list of my intentions for this upcoming month:

-To value my health (mind, body, and soul) 100% and treat it this way.

-To stretch every day! Like this blog says, I'M NOT 19 ANYMORE.

-To do something physical I enjoy doing at least once a week. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours is a little TOO MILD.

-To force myself to get back into cooking (not because I think women should know how to cook, but because I know it's HEALTHIER and cheaper to cook on my own) by making myself cook meals for friends who come over...since we all know I am not mild enough to cook for myself.

-To get 8 hours of sleep a night. No ifs ands or buts about it. IT'S HIP TO BE MILD.

-To do and wear more things that make me feel more GIRLS GONE WILD more than GIRLS GONE MILD--well, without the lifting my shirt part. Just kidding. But seriously. I dress like a nun sometimes.

-To stop worrying so much about what other people think. ESPECIALLY SINCE I'M AN OPEN BOOK. An AWESOME open book.

-To give myself more free time to CHILLAX guilt-free. I need one day a week where I allow myself to be AS MILD AS I WANNA BE. I need to sleep in, eat leftovers, watch GREY'S ANATOMY on the internet, read Facebook status updates for an hour and maybe just STARE OFF INTO SPACE for another hour...and I need to do this while in my PAJAMAS at 3pm and I need to not care what anyone thinks or that I'm "not being productive". I am being productive GETTING MY CHILLAX ON. So world, I don't care if you judge me on this.

-To apologize less.

-To be less stressed, to let less things in my life that make me stressed, to not less stress overtake my life and affect my health.

-TO GET RID OF CLUTTER. I mean seriously. There are UNOPENED BOXES from when I moved in A YEAR AGO. And some of those are probably unopened boxes from the time I moved before that. I NEED TO LET GO.

-To remember how grateful I am every day for my mild child life. I am so lucky.

-To forgive a few creeps who have hurt my feelings...and probably stop calling them CREEPS.

-To be forgiven my those who I have hurt...knowingly and unknowingly. To you folks, I do say I'M SORRY!

-For my back to be healed soon and for nothing else to pop up in it's place. I'm over being wounded. I get it, universe. I'll take better care of myself!

Cathy de la Mild

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