March 14, 2011

I'm so not excited.

I am trying to remember that it is a mild girl's duty to find greater meaning in what she does; what I do. I can't blame anyone else for not generating enough excitement in my life. It's all on me.

Two astrologists have told me I might enter a new romantic relationship next month. It's funny because I think I am holding back a lot this month, which is so silly--thinking it's all going to happen next month.

But truthfully, I'm not attracted to anyone stable.

"Your choice of companions and colleagues right now may reflect the process of developing unlived potentials within yourself."

Two of my short films are showing in New York in May. I don't think I've ever screened my work in L.A.

Apparently, the qualities I find attractive in other people are the ones I have undervalued in myself and when I finally make room to develop these qualities of mine, it will allow others to be themselves around me and get closer to me.


A mild girl is learning so much through her horoscope for the year.

Yours in mildness,

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