March 3, 2011

Mild manifestations for February.

I think you all know I've been providing the universe (um...) with a list of my intentions for every month.

Here is an update on how that list went for February:

None of my friends seemed to be aching from depression they were in January. Whew.

I kind of got a "house-husband" but then I didn't want him after a few days. !

I think I'm better with eye contact...

I think I've been getting along better with my co-workers. I'm at least acknowledging to them "Hey, I'm not in a good mood today. Please don't take this personally." if my tone sounds off or harsh.

I've been trusting my instincts more. Well, "more" is hard to say.

I don't know if I've been "taking the time" to improve upon certain software applications as much as I've come to realize I do know certain pieces of software JUST FINE. It's all about believing in myself.

I believe my students respect me.

I definitely DON'T enjoy being petty. And whenever I felt being "catty" coming on, I tried to remove myself from the situation.

I definitely felt a lot of unconditional love in my life the month of February. Being sick, I had so many amazing friends (and neighbors!) willing to take care of me.

I think a certain crush and I definitely respect each other. If anything, I was the one to disrespect him this month. :(

There was definitely more romance. I look forward to more.

I believe in my strength and sadly learned that not everyone in my life does...

I don't know if I lost weight. I feel good though.

I know I am fun to be around.

I'm open to romance.

Lots of people DID come to my monthly DJ night, ALMOST PARADISE. !

I definitely feel like I am taken seriously. It all comes from taking myself seriously.

I think I am getting more physically toned.

I like to think my boundaries are getting better.

I am definitely taking better care of my car.

I have met more candidates for romance.

A certain group of dudes seems to respect me. Honestly, I didn't spend as much time with them last month as I had been.

I have started ACTING on Rosie's advice.

I do appreciate the life I have.

I have been reading more. Even today, I read more than usual.

I think I have been more confident during public speaking.

I think I'm getting the most out of therapy.


Yours in mild madness,

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