March 8, 2011

What a mild girl's fridge looks like.

Back to my horoscope for the

I've been DJ-ing a lot lately. I sometimes fantasize about being able to make a living playing my favorite songs for other people. But I'm not sure how much I would find that satisfying.

I thought about getting trained to be a trauma counselor, but I was scared to make a 1-year commitment.

Anything that used to seem "eccentric" to me, TOTALLY makes sense now.

I've definitely made changes in my personal life.

I want to share the (new) things that interest me, but I am afraid it overwhelms people, that I overwhelm people.

I felt some disinterest in some of my close relationships and unfortunately, I confronted when I should have seen it as more of a reason to extend my social parameters. I guess there's still time...

I started fantasizing about getting my phD in Communication: Feminist Media Studies.

Two astrologers have told me I should take an art class right now...something I don't already know how to do (that shouldn't be hard...kidding.).

I am on the tip of telling people how I feel at the moment I feel it, but still not quite there.

"You are likely to be quite restless and impatient with many areas of your life, not least your own mental attitudes, which in some ways may have become a little stale and stuck over the last few years." (Uh, right on.)

I basically need to read and exercise more. DUH.

I am bored and I don't need to go deep down inside myself to see that.

"Take the plunge and study something you have always longed to learn; or go for the job which you always aspired to but thought you weren't good enough to get."


Apparently though, I am also "not conscious of your own negativity".

I am so confused.

Yours in mildness,

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