January 23, 2012

Mild moon intentions for January 2012

1. To force chores for at least 15 minutes because according to COSMO (!) magazine aka my guilty pleasure, after 15 minutes you are most likely to complete your boring task.

2. Flossing more! (Mild!!)

3. Writing/emailing people back.

4. To eat within 30 minutes of waking up. Mild metabolism love.

5. Eating food on a plate. NO MORE mildly-standing-around-the-kitchen-because-I'm-pressed-for-time.

6. For the love of god, figure out ONLINE BANKING/TEXTING.

7. Must work on imagining the love, sex, and romance I want to come into my life by April. BECAUSE THAT ASTROLOGICAL CLOCK BE-A-TICKING.

8. To always make time for my mild self.

9. Listen to classical music in the bath. Mmmild.

10. To continue feeling as positive and confident as I did the first few weeks of January, if not more positive and confident. :)


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