January 30, 2012

Girls Gone Mild: BLAND-UARY Re-cap

1. I am pretty sure I scared two different men by asking them out this month. Mildly terrified them probably. OH WELL.


3. I just got way too excited that one of my teen students got accepted to his top choice college. MILDLY PAGEANT MOM/TEACHER.

4. I spent all of Friday and Saturday night WORKING. And slept a maximum of 5 hours each night because I was WORKING so hard. Flip Chart Saturday night = it doesn't get more mild than that.

5. I updated my Facebook one too many times today. I updated so many times that people might be shocked that I ACTUALLY LEFT THE HOUSE not once, not twice, BUT THREE SEPARATE (MILD) TIMES.

6. Really found in my Google search just now: "Best deep dish pizza Los Angeles". Mildly hungry.

7. I just read an article on homeschooling, not because a) I have kids but b) I want to be the best educator possible and understand where kids are coming from. MILDLY GOODIE TWO SHOES.

8. I bought my first pair of Uggs...IN LAS VEGAS. Ladies and gentlemen, that's how mildly I spent my Sunday night in Las Vegas last weekend. At least it was Sunday and not Saturday. And I was on my way to a strip bar. A mild strip bar. All I saw were man-butts. And chests. THESE CHESTS:

9. I woke up at 7:30am today after accidentally falling alseep at 7pm last night. MILD 'O CLOCK. And I'm actually keeping myself from eating a tiny piece of chocolate for fear it will keep me awake. SENSITIVE-TO-CAFFEINE 'O CLOCK.

10. I finally bought an iPhone. Unfortunately, I was in a mildly terrible mood/emotional state when I bought it and must have seemed like this:

Yours in mildness,


  1. Item # 2 is crazy hotttt! Your people have triumphed!


    Love you, Christene.



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