February 1, 2012

On the first mild day without Facebook...

1. I woke up on my own (in more ways than one) at 7am after about you know, TEN HOURS of sleep.

2. I responded to emails before 8am probably prompting friends to think I was drunk-emailing after pulling an all-nighter, but really I WAS JUST BEING RESPONSIBLE.

3. I read my Astrology Zone horoscope promptly emailing my work email address which days were good career days and noted on my iPhone which days were good for LOVE. Mild sigh.

4. By 11am, I was confirming with a friend to go to YOGA BOOTY BALLET dance class at 8:30pm tonight. By 8:15pm, I had to drag myself there, but it was worth it. I got to dance to Shakira like a crazy person. A crazy mild person.

5. By 11:30am, I was bugging a co-worker for the MAKE AND MODEL OF HER WATER FAUCET FILTER because that's how I mildly roll.

6. By noon I found out that probably one of the most influential artists of my lifetime, Mike Kelley died yesterday by taking his own life. You can read about it everywhere, but it hit especially close to home because so many of friends and graduate school classmates have worked full-time for him--he employed so many artists in L.A. This is not mild at all. This is real and the sadness is huge. I'm sending love out to all my friends who knew him, who's lives will be directly changed because of this awfulness and to everyone who's ever been inspired by him. It's a loss not just for the L.A. art world, but for the universe.

7. By 1pm, I was fairly sure I was going to attend a weekend SOUND HEALING RETREAT in March. I think it will be the most perfect thing in the world for me. Mildly CAN'T GET HERE SOON ENOUGH.

8. By 5pm, I had made plans to go to a concert Friday night at the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. Mild.

9. Driving home from work around 6:45pm, I may have friend-broken-up with someone who really let me down. Hopefully, it's only temporary, but...mildly dramatic.

10. I ate a self-made pita pizza for breakfast AND for dinner. Mildly delicious.

Here's to another mild day without The Social Network,

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