February 2, 2012

On the second mild day without Facebook...

1. I had an amazing 1.5 hour convo with my astrologer. Her name is Rosie and she lives in Washington state. You can talk to her over the phone from wherever you are. I actually found her through my former boss who was given advice to QUIT her job (!) and assured she would be OK on her next life journey. She was/is OK. Rosie's that kind of astrologer. She makes you feel assured what you're thinking is going to pan out...or not. Rosie tells it how it mildly is.

2. After sending some friends links to yesterday's blog, I learned that one of them (Jamie, I'm looking at you!) had previously thought about making a life-without-Facebook blog. Yeah, that means I'm mildly unoriginal, but so what. Here's Jamie as a kid, mildly rocking Mariah Carey's SOMEDAY:


4. I had some mild sadness for child actors.

5. THE ONION wrote that I am "married now." And yes, by un-cloaking my anonymous-ness there, I am also un-cloaking MY MILD INSANITY. (That ex and I are totally still friends by the mild way!)

6. My friend, Kate wrote this beautiful blog entry about teaching art to kids in Africa. Mildly INSPIRING.

7. I realized that I am even too mild for the Natural History Museum tomorrow, as the show I intended on going to is MILDLY SOLD OUT.

8. I learned that on little sleep, I can be TMI with the barista. TOO MILD OF INFORMATION!!! You know you love me, Cafecito Organico!

9. I had an awesome phone catch up with a mildly wonderful lady friend who might come to visit me from out of town this weekend. I actually said to her "You shouldn't come on Saturday night, but Sunday morning instead. I don't want you to be let down by my Saturday night MILDNESS." Seriously people, plan ahead--I am not a party animal anymore.

10. The Mild Award Of The Day goes to how truly happy it made me to get my oil changed today. Mildly responsible adult after years of being "the baby" in the family. Yeah, I admitted it.

Always mild,

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