February 19, 2012

Girls Gone Superbowl Sunday

Yeah, I know that was TWO WEEKS AGO, but I've been having too mildly of a good time to give you a proper update.

Superbowl Sunday, Christin Turner (one of my favorite music video directors--we'll watch something from her in a bit) and I took a trip to LACMA to see the In Wonderland exhibit: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States. Because you know, that's what mild ladies do on Superbowl Sunday.

When she first arrived, she had to talk me down from the ugly ledge that was SHORTS AND UGGS:

And what would we do at my place when all I have going for me here is this mild-girl-bachelor-fridge?

Here's C.T. before we even left my apartment, sitting under my AFFIRMATIONS. No big mild deal.

Once we got to LACMA, there was A LOT to look at. Mildly best way to spend a Sunday.

But like always, I mildly had time to self-portrait in the bathroom. (One day, I will move beyond this.)

This was one of my favorite pieces. I had mildly fantasized about this image my entire life, but never knew how to even go about making it happen. So I was happy to see that my fantasy painting already existed.

If you're wondering who it's by:

We were however, mildly underwhelmed by the Chris Burden METROPOLIS piece. (Sorry, it's blurry, but trust me, you're not missing much, Burden fans.)

But then some light art in the permanent collection got us going again (well, mildly going):

Like awesome mild ladies, we were excited that the full moon was a-coming:

Afterwards, we kept the mild factor going and saw PINA IN 3-D where I looked like this. And yes, I had to drink movie theater coffee because I worried about falling asleep after all the women painter excitement which really took it out of me. (Kidding, it was awesome, but I was mildly sleepy by the end of it and we did have some martinis somewhere in there.)

P.S. Here's one of Christin's beautiful videos for the amazing Dum Dum Girls:

Until we mildly meet again


  1. I actually watched the Super Bowl late at night for Madonna's half time show and got up in my living room cum kitchen when they played the national anthem and put my hand over my heart and cried.
    #mild. xx

  2. u look good in shorts and uggs

    im not kidding


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