February 8, 2012

On the first mild WEEK without Facebook...

1. I fell in love with M.I.A. harder than I ever have before.

(Evidence A)

(Evidence B)

2. I realized I'm my Mom's daughter every time I send out a link to a depressing news article. Maybe if I told my Mom she could read about depressing things and share them with friends, she would use email more. KIDDING. But seriously, my Mom and me both equally love a DEPRESSING STORY.

3. This woman is so great, it makes me want to cry:

I seriously don't understand what's happening, but it's incredible.

4. I haven't talked to my college roommate in way too long. CELESTE L., if you're reading this, CALL ME.

5. Mildly Not Safe For Work, but I love this music video director:

Claire Edmondson, please make more things.

6. According to like a million different astrologers and horoscopes, I NEED to go out Thursday. I have now asked EVERYONE I KNOW what is happening on Thursday and think I should either go to:

a) a screening of experimental short films

b) an indy film screening

c) a comedy show

d) an art museum

e) after any of these not panning out, A BAR.


7. Got emailed for full moon burn list advice. MY REPUTATION is obviously at its highest point. Um...

8. The thought that I might watch this every day as a pep talk:

GIRLS RUN THE WORLD and I'm not talking about the Beyonce video

9. In response to the question, do you have any dietary restrictions, I wrote the following, ensuring I will not get anymore dinner party invites for the year:

I don't like to eat things with faces (i.e. fish with eyes or a luau style pig on a roasting stick...ha! it's true though. or things that I have to crack like lobster or shellfish, etc.) Basically, while I eat meat, I have only been doing so for the last 2 years and am still easing into the reality that these were once living creatures. Omg.

That being said, I love vegetarian food and meaty food where I can't see faces, eyes, legs or tails.

10. A friend sent me a Groupon for a SPRAY TAN and all I could think was...WHAT WOULD I LOOK LIKE WITH A SPRAY TAN?!

Dressed to mildly kill,

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