February 3, 2012

On the third mild day without Facebook...

1. I mildly went to the post office and bought a money order! I just feel like they are so much safer than checks because even if the person doesn't cash it right away, IT'S OUT OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW. Float on through the mail, little money order. Float on to your new home. MILD INSANITY.

2. I got really excited about the possibility of seeing the Raincoats for the SECOND TIME IN MY LIFE. Not mild at all except for the fact that I could see someone referring to them as "mild punk rock".

3. I wrote a "letter to the editor" type email calling a business owner on her sh*t for mildly assuming all her clients are straight. (She had sent a mildly annoying mass email that was titled "Forward to your boyfriend/hubby!") I didn't actually care because it was on such a low level of anything that I almost couldn't be bothered, BUT...why not mildly call someone out on their hetero-normative assumptions!

4. One of my best friends thinks I am obsessed with Jiffy Lube thanks to that last blog entry. MAYBE JIFFY LUBE IS A MILD GIRL'S CAR'S BEST FRIEND, OK!

5. I SIGNED UP FOR IMPROV CLASSES!!! What. Mild comedy to ensue. Will keep you posted. But basically it came down to wanting to spend my money on classes that might actually boost my confidence and writing ability versus a conference that might just make me join a cult. Kidding. KIND OF.


You're mildly welcome.

7. OK and this too.

I know. I KNOW.

8. Is mildly surprised that any close friend of mine had to ask me which ex that Onion article was referencing yesterday. Not to mildly insult 99% of my ex's, but there was only one mildly HUGE relationship in my life thus far. #MildlyPersonalConfessions

9. Is so mild, not only couldn't I get into the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, but I was TOO TIRED to go see the dude from STORYCORPS at Skylight Books. I seriously had to buy a coffee at 5:15pm on the way home to MAKE IT WITHOUT FALLING ASLEEP. Just plain MILD.

10. I think this woman is my mild hero:

Mildly the best,

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