January 6, 2011

Lets talk about mild

I have done so many mild things in the last month. I don't even know where to begin.

I sent out holiday cards this year = MILD.

I blogged on work website FOR FUN = MILD

I often stayed in watching Mad Men instead of going out = MILD

I got really excited the Subway kids meal came in this super cute re-usable bag/I got the Subway kids meal = MILD

I went to a very non-hipster concert/party for New Year's Eve and it was so much genuine fun = MILD

I borrowed a grandma style sweater from my friend's vintage shop to wear on my 30th birthday = MILD

I was really calm about a picture of me in a bra i.e. no shirt someone posted on Facebook. I just calmly texted and left them a voicemail reminding them I am a teacher and I'm not sure what their privacy settings are, etc, etc. I was so calm about it. It's 2011. Won't we move past Facebook photos getting our reputation's tarnished? = MILD

I saw the movie Tiny Furniture with my friend who is in her mid-60s but is way more wild than me and it hit a little too close for home to me = MILD.

I ate fat-free yogurt with Omega-3 trail mix mixed in and Emergen-C and then Wellness Cold and Flu herbal tea for breakfast = MILD

This could go on for days, so I have to stop somewhere. But be happy I'm back, in the Mild Mild West.


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