May 10, 2011

The Day the Mild Stood Still.

You know who I nominate for the most Mild band in history? THE BLAKE BABIES. If you like mild, you have to listen to them. All of their songs sound like the teen girl stuck in my head, frustrated some dude or dudette doesn't have a crush on me. And that voice is totally unaware that LIFE GOES ON, however mildly or not, but it's OK. That voice is a special one. Also, it feels extra mild coming from someone forced to watch their bandmates make out all the time. And they have sunflowers in their music video. ENOUGH SAID.

Sometimes, I spend Friday night Skypeing with a platonic male friend. T-G-I-MILD!

It got out on the internet that my 18-year old cat eats RAW RABBIT. Now I'm mildly scared all my vegan friends are going to be PISSED. But she still takes soy in her iced latte.

My friend, Becky just started started the unofficial cousin blog of Girls Gone Mild: ADVENTURES IN BACK PAIN! Yowza--is it getting MILD in here?!

Today, I got followed into a Subway restaurant by a homeless man serenading me with acoustic guitar and vocals. It was really intense, mostly because I was trying to order a MEATBALL SUBMARINE SANDWICH for myself. Looking back on it, it probably would have been awkward even if he hadn't been there. MMMild.


P.S.S. It's not even 10:30pm and I'm about to go to bed. I think the M in P.M. stands for...



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