May 15, 2011

Gone With the Mild.

Yeah, that's my elderly cat sharing or not sharing a bed with me. SURPRISE.

Yesterday, my horoscope said this and I took it as G-rated, but I don't know if that was just the Mild in me talking:

"This is one of the best influences for all relationships: love affairs, relationships with partners, with coworkers, even with enemies."

I have to say, yesterday was a pretty good day, though it did veer off the mild side to the wild side a bit. Once a month, that seems to happen. I guess 12 days of WILD a year isn't so bad.

I am admitting to the world that I, Cathy de la Cruz am a huge Britney Spears fan. There is nothing mild about her except the fact that she is BRITNEY SPEARS.

I am so mild, I watch HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER every week. Today, I even caught myself TELLING someone about a specific episode. M-I-L-D.

Mild dictionary moment of the last 48 hours: I looked up the word "empathy". Deep deep mild sigh. Have I mentioned that I LOVE THE DICTIONARY?!

I posted a YouTube video of a song I like on my Facebook page and the only person that commented on it was MY GOOD FRIEND'S MOM. MILD MOM MUSIC MANIA.

Speaking of Facebook, that's what photos like THIS were made for. How do you like my new laptop desk? It comes complete with storage/play space for your SENIOR CITIZEN CAT. Gotta keep it mild.

I am pretty sure LONLEY GLASSES = MMMILD. *Thanks to Iliana for the tip. ;)

I don't really know why ABC thinks they can take OPRAH *and* two different soap operas off the air. I think it's going to cause many stay-at-home women to REVOLT. Things are not going to be mild for much longer.

I am going to visit my family on Friday for 10-days of sure to be MILD-CATION. I can't wait to be seduced by an overload of ALL THAT IS MILD ABOUT THIS WORLD. Bring it on, San Antonio, TX, bring it on MILDLY.

I may have eaten a mini-pizza ALONE while watching a LAW AND ORDER marathon yesterday IN PUBLIC and on mute. MILDLY related to my LAW AND EATING DISORDER gym franchise idea?

I am going to teach myself new software to make myself mildly more marketable. HAVE YOU FALLEN ASLEEP AT THE MILD WHEEL YET?!

OK, I may have had pizza today as well. AND ICE CREAM. Oh the ice cream. It was a HOMEMADE DRUMSTICK, y'all. MILDLY IMPOSSIBLE TO KICK OUT OF BED if you know what I mean. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

And yes, it's next to my $4 glass bottle of water. Mildly RIDICULOUS. Did I mention I was the Grove/Farmer's Market today because my college best friend and me tried to see BRIDESMAIDS but it was MILDLY SOLD OUT?! Bummertown: Population GIRLS GONE MILD.

File under: MAN GONE MILD, but my amazing friend, Patrick Miller is kind of my "DJ DAD" in terms of being the man behind my music playing for many years now. He got me really into the technical and logistical side of DJ-ing. Anyway, he actually sent me this MILDLY AMAZING text message last night and I can't tell you how mildly warm and fuzzy it made me:

"Text me to let me know that everything is rocking or DJ DAD will be up all night worrying."


It feels mildly wonderful to have such mildly beyond awesome friends.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. oprah's going off the air. meredith vieira's leaving the today show. katie couric is leaving cbs news. + 2 soaps going off the air, and i'm pretty sure matt lauer is leaving the today show, too. mild? WILD!

  2. i was just reminiscing and your dj dad post brought a tear to my eye!


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