June 6, 2011

Mild Darling.

Every once in a great while, comes a friend so amazing she is destined to be in the FRIEND HALL OF FAME.

Nikki Darling is one of those friends.

My bffs

Today is Nikki's mild 30-something-ish birthday. She is a beautiful human being, writer and thinker.


In keeping with this blog's theme, I thought I would quote some of Nikki's most Mild Moments.

scaring nikki

1. Nikki is the kind of friend not afraid to see Bridesmaids ALONE, blog about it, post a film still on your Facebook wall from it and then SEE IT AGAIN. And she even sent me this email after seeing it:

"I saw Bridesmaids last night. The only thing that would have made it better was you."

Nikki, I love you.

Nikki gets aggro on her cat.

2. Nikki, is also the kind of person who will respond to a cat photo you sent her with this:

"i just got back from the longest day of babysitting ever and my neighbor is using a power saw. I cannot. oh god. p.s. really, so cute!"


She can always see the purr at the end of the tunnel.

Nikki has no shame.

3. Nikki also has an amazing blog called LIVE FROM THE PENIS GALLERY that you should really check out. When Nikki is not busy being purely awesome just being well, NIKKI, she is a fierce feminist music critic who's words will light up your life.

Nikki hypothetical lesbian

4. Nikki is just EGGCELLENT. At her birthday brunch yesterday, it was so nice to be there with her and see her surrounded by her wonderful friends AND CATS.




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  1. Cathy! OMG! So beautiful. The feeling is mutual mujer. Amigas por vida!


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