June 10, 2011

In case you were wondering how mild I looked when I DJ-ed...

You guys, my sun hat is SERIOUS BUSINESS. And I couldn't be bothered to try and look cute or sexy at 10am so I'm wearing a dirty plaid shirt and not just cheap, but FREE sunglasses that were like a promotion for some product.


And I've just been getting too many amazing GIRLS GONE MILD text messages from my girl friends so here are some true GGM gems:

1. "Waiting on my date as I text this. He better be as cute as his picture." AMAZING.

2. "I smell like Swiffer (Wet Jet). I'm going on my date." Yes, TIS THE SEASON TO BE DATING.

3. "RIP the guy who created Mad Libs." OMG MY FRIENDS ARE JUST BRINGING IT.

To be mildly continued.

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