October 30, 2011

Yesterday, I seriously looked up the word ACQUAINTANCE in the dictionary.

Mild dictionary word look-up of the year!

Other mild tidbits:

1. I am trying to give up crushing on a mild man who doesn't seem interested, though occasionally I have really mild thoughts in my head like "I WOULD LOVE HIM SO HARD!" Hahahaha. Not even "I would sex him up, etc." but "I WOULD LOVE HIM SO HARD" thoughts. Ha. I am nuts.

2. I spent this weekend putting together the manuscript for a really mild vs. unmild first NOVEL of mine. Isn't that crazy? If you knew me personally and knew the sheer volume of what I can write on any given day, given the opportunity, it actually would seem crazy I hadn't written TEN NOVELS much less one, but if anyone knows any mild publishers, please send them my way. Mildly pretty please.

And if you're curious what I looked like this morning after BINGING on my own art-making it was pretty much the mild version of this:

3. I think I might stay in Texas for this New Year's Eve. There's no point in trying to pretend my L.A. life is cool and that I might actually have something fun to do here. MILDLY THE TRUTH.

4. So, I'm thinking if I either start making my own ice cream flavors or join an ice cream of the month club, SOMEONE NEEDS TO JUST SHOOT ME.

5. My friend, Elka is mildly amazing and started watching some of my short films and scanned some HANDWRITTEN FEEDBACK for me on a Saturday night:

My friends are mildly the most amazing people in the universe.

6. I really want to see PUSS IN BOOTS. There, I said it. MILD!!!

7. On my way home from work Friday night, I didn't just buy a printer on a Friday night, I got Staples to PRICE MATCH Best Buy's price. I was mildly out of printer control.

8. Have I ever told you who one of my favorite filmmakers/animators is? JODIE MACK!

Check out her work here.

Not mild at all, but I think mild amigas will dig it.

9. My friend went to see Kathleen Hanna DJ in Atlanta and this was her mild set-up:

I'm like, REALLY THEY COULDN'T GET KATHLEEN HANNA A HIGHER TABLE?! Mildly infuriating for anyone who's ever DJ-ed.

10. I have a new mild dream of living in Topanga Canyon. It's seriously the most magical place ever. It even has events like this:

I want to mildly go there ALL the time.

11. Here's a very unmild quote I have may have come up with last night:

"You know how Samantha from Sex and the City said she'd sleep with a guy who has air conditioning. I feel the same way about cable."

I DO. Mildly just a little bit!

12. And just because:

Happy pre-Halloween weekend!
--Cathy de la Mild


  1. ah, those handwritten notes! actually, elka must have told me to read this blog a while ago, unless it was jenn. in either case i've been mildly stalking you via reading this for at least several months, and now deciding to say hi, i love you blog (and not mildly).

  2. Irene!!!


    Thank you so much!!!

    I seriously always wonder if anyone's out there, so I really really appreciate your comment.


  3. haha! i just saw this! i love you. and hi irene! i love you too lady!



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