October 31, 2011

Things that go mild in the night!

For Hallows Eve, In honor of what scares me, a guest blog entry by the somewhat legendary Donna White (the artist formerly known as Muffie White)

by: Donna White

Dear Girls Gone Mild,

I'm one of you.


I'm reporting to you live from my one bedroom apartment, where the 1970s still resides all between the boundaries of brown/"cream" marbled carpet, faux Spanish linoleum kitchen floors, and a glitterati popcorn ceiling. I chose to live here over five years ago because of its unique charm (think: I live inside of a well-maintained yet partially tattered vintage handbag) and to escape untidy Portland housemate life and dramas (read: I'm a bit OCD about how the home stays clean). Here I still reside, alone, but warm, happy, and very mild.

I used to be a teenage to college-age Riot Grrrl, complete with a liberal arts degree and guest list entrances to shows. I carried a blue canvas Cabbage Patch Kid doll-head tote bag and published a fanzine called
My New Gun

Now, I study Economics by night, am an Accounting Manager at a local business, and hope to become a CPA, one day. An art student turned business woman/Accountant. My childhood role model was Murphy Brown (played by Candice Bergen), after all. I still dress the part of an
early thirties hipster though no longer spend nights out dancing and cajoling. I did wear an electric blue, windsuit/jumpsuit (but, let's call it a romper for the sake of 2011) to work a few weeks ago. I'm too legit to quit, not to brag or anything. Sometimes I miss dancing... note to self: Dance more in 2012.

I was born in January of 1979, and share a birthday with such greats as Dolly Parton and Cindy Sherman.

Sometimes I worry that my friends and co-workers might get in cahoots with "What Not to Wear" and send me to New York for recovery time with Stacy and Clinton. They'd tear apart my closet! I wouldn't object, actually. Just a few weeks ago whilst sweating to the beat at my Zumba class (think: Portland version of Cathy/L.A.'s YOGA BOOTY BALLET!), I spotted a young woman who looked so un-hipster in dress, yet so cute/great. Totally made me question my entire style and wardrobe at that moment. Perhaps I too should get a shoulder-length haircut, neatly wear Nikes to the gym along with my modern Nike outfit. I do like the tailored look, though I know that I
might become a bit antsy in a daily suit from time to time. Or perhaps not... (Here Cathy who is editing thi wants to tell Donna about how she thinks Bette Midler is the ultimate rocker of all things tailored lady suit. Go ahead GOOGLE IT.)

Ladies and Gentleman, I leave you with the following image:

Me dressed as a PUNK for Halloween 1987 (age 8, 3rd grade)

Keeping it real in Portland, over and in for the night,
Donna xoxo


  1. Donna, you ARE too legit to quit!!! Love your blog and miss seeing your funky work-wear. I hope you don't get turned in to any fashion tv show because your style is so YOU!

  2. love this blog entry because of the amazing DSW and all that makes her that seventies donna!

  3. one time donna and i came up with pirate names for each other, hers was digger dagger and mine was icy eyes. those were definitely mild teenage days.

  4. I must concur, Donna is the best!!!


  5. SO RAD! I will always love the artist formerly known as Muffie White.


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