October 22, 2011

Tonight, I am mildly DJ-ing. And here is the super mild email I just sent to my friends.

Hi L.A. friends,

Sorry to be TMI, but I am currently at home doubled-over in pain courtesy of cramps (awesome) while my amazing friend, Joshua Ploeg otherwise known as the Traveling Vegan Chef makes vegan churros in my studio apartment kitchen. (That's just a hint of what's to come.)

I am writing to tell you that we are essentially having a PARTY tonight in Koreatown (ample free parking) and there will be free pizza (9pm), free amazing normally $$$ BUT FREE vegan snacks courtesy of Joshua every hour on the hour beginning at 10pm tonight at Blipsy Barcade, 369 N. Western Ave. Cross street is Oakwood. Right next to the laundromat.

Christene and I have been doing this night, ALMOST PARADISE for 13 months now (!) and it's time to free up our schedules a bit and say goodbye to this particular night, so it's an extra special night for us.

We'll hope that you'll join us.

Blipsy is a bar that if you've never been, belongs to our good friends who you definitely need to check out. It's cash only, but they have LOTS of $5 and LESS drink specials tonight and lots and lots of old school arcade games you'll need quarters for (or at least dollar bills they can give you change for).

Below is the DJ schedule if you care to check out any particular friend of ours playing tunes.

I'm going to pass out in physical pain now, but hope to see you this evening. And spread the word. It'll be a good time.


• 09:00 - Patrick Miller!
• 09:30 - Christene Kings!
• 10:00 - Me!
• 10:30 - Annie Gimas!
• 11:00 - Jeff Galvan!
• 11:30 - Liz Barker!
• 12:00 - Pati Pan Dulce!
• 12:30 - Oscar Santos!
• 01:00 - Christene and me!!

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