February 3, 2011

What a mild girl can dream of for the next 30 days.

1. A romantic partner who wants to cook and clean for me AKA A HOUSE HUSBAND!

2. To continue being better at making eye contact. !

3. To continue getting along with all my co-workers.

4. To trust my instincts more.

5. To spend more time going over software I don't know (Photoshop, After Effects, Dreamweaver, etc.)

6. For my students to respect me.

7. To stop being so petty, catty, gossipy, etc.

8. More unconditional love please.

9. Mutual respect between crushes and I.

10. A lot more romance.

11. To continue believing in myself.

12. To lose some weight. Not because of the way I look, but because I need to be healthy.

13. To believe I am fun to be around.

14. To be more open to romance. I am such a hermit-bachelor sometimes.

15. Tons of people at my DJ night. !

16. To be taken seriously at work and in my personal life.

17. To tone my arms and legs. !

18. To continue have better boundaries, especially in my professional life.

19. To take care of my poor little car.

20. To meet more sexy AND interesting people.

21. For dudes in bands to respect me and not take me for granted. Um...

22. To listen to my friend, Rosie's advice more.

23. To appreciate the wonderful life I have.

24. To read more books.

25. To not be so nervous during public speaking.

26. To get the most out of therapy.

27. To not be so afraid of what other people think.

Happy New Moon in Aquarius everyone!
--Cathy de la Mild


  1. i love this post, cathy!

    wondering if you might be up for a little trade... i could teach you yoga (i also need to get back into teaching it...) and help generate some healthy food ideas and you could help me with photoshop, or my blog (in the works, haven't published/started this one yet) just want to learn some basics on imovie maybe, or photoshop. let me know what you think. :)

  2. p.s. the handful of times we have ever gotten to hang out you have been a total adorable giggly fucking blast! so 13 can't even be real! :D


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