February 28, 2011

Mild moments in history.

Today, my friend, Nikki and I compared the Rhianna "only girl" and Kie$ha "blow" video to see which one was more surreal. I think it's a tie because they are both the opposite of mild in very different and complicated ways.

Speaking of Rhianna, I may be 30 years old, but last night when I was DJing, I put on a very popular Rhianna song (as if there is another kind) and immediately some guy grabbed me to start dancing. It was as un-mild as I can get and probably still fairly mild.

A friend had to coax me out of the house on Wednesday to go to an art opening and I told myself "As long as I can get a burrito afterwards, I'll go."

I took my astrologer's advice and started writing letters to EVERYONE in my life. Unfortunately, I know a lot of people and there have been a lot of things left unsaid. This could take me awhile.

On my days off, I just want to live in my pajamas.

Someone I know won an Oscar tonight and for some reason, this makes me feel old. Like, I'm old enough to know someone who won an Oscar = total adulthood.

Today, Nikki and I went to get tea and salad (MILD) at a local cafe and she forced us to take THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF RELATIONSHIPS book with us. So mild, so hilarious especially since there is no concealing it--it's HUGE. So Girls Gone Mild.

I may have gone to sleep at 9:30pm on last Friday night.

A letter I wrote to an ex has been turned into a monologue being performed to sold out audiences every night for a month in Chicago. My pain is mildly popular.

I've been wearing something that looks suspiciously like a rasta hat this week. Mildly bad fashion choices.

Friends are trying to set me up with someone who lives IN ANOTHER STATE. Mildly depressing?

Had a brunch meeting this morning with a cartoonist friend of mine who is going to TURN ME INTO A CARTOON. For a DJ flyer anyway.

This video changed Mild Lives:

You know you're mild when you're upset about the cat food you just purchased going on sale the next day.

You send photos of yourself DJing to your entire family = MILD.

You are worried that your bad review of a Motel 6 stay (Mildly CHEAP) hurt the manager's feelings = MILD.

Until the next bit of mildness,

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