November 17, 2010

A special treat I deserve because.

Did someone say ice cream margarita? I love you, Beer 'N' All for basically being a drive thru corner liquor store specializing in mixed drinks that are legally served in sealed plastic bags. Tonight, I resorted to a comforting favorite, the Mangorita, an orange-tinted slush with traces of unmixed mango syrup mixed with a liquor I can't even identify (vodka? tequila?). The girl was nice and dressed in a halter half-shirt and really tight black Forever 21 pants that lack definitive seams, a main marketing ploy. In the summer, the girls wear bikinis and sit in large neon green metal cages along the street looking sad and bored. There's always an ex/current boyfriend or two lurking in the parking lot, keeping an eye on things. Need I mention the looming danger feeling? I got out quick after tipping the poor young waitress under the awkward stare of a boyfriend? sitting at the lone picnic table out back.
I admittedly unsealed the plastic bag and sipped my beverage on the way home. Then got paranoid and shuffled the bag around to make it looked unopened. Mild style.


  1. I can imagine your shady "is anyone going to catch me?" eyes sipping your mixed drink!!! LOVE YOU!!! xoxo, de la Mild

  2. That's hilarious. I'm so jealous; our liquor laws are firmly archaic in Washington State. I want a drive through liquor bar with shivers of dread!


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