November 21, 2010

Morning Mild.

Apologies for the lag in blog posts. A mild girl's life is a busy life sometimes.

So lets take you back to the beginning of my mild week.

On Tuesday night, I was feeling mildly SUPPRESSED. Both my days off, Sunday and Monday were full of more work tasks than they should have been. Sometimes mild ladies have trouble saying NO to things like bringing work home with them or being the most reliable friend that everyone can always count on. All of this takes a lot of time and energy and nothing over last weekend really felt like a break for me. So by Tuesday night after work, I raced to the movie theater, grabbed a Stella on tap (such a good mild-lady drink) and saw:


The most Girls Gone Mild movie of 2010.

I want to preface the below with the fact that I have a Bachelors in Media Studies from a very progressive liberal arts school where we watched experimental ethnographic films over Citizen Kane and Kubrick any day of the week. Then I got a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts/Film and made my own experimental films where I was more interested in form and technique over content.

I tell you all this because sometimes I need a in the minute/in the now movie or television ESCAPE. Sometimes my mildness comes to a breaking point and I need to be alone but laughing (as opposed to alone but THINKING).

This brings us to my "review" of MORNING GLORY.

I saw the billboards and trailers for it everywhere for the last few months and I knew it would be about a young woman struggling to climb a corporate/semi-entertainment industry ladder. I knew it would ultimately be about her career fulfillment or disfulfillment and she would more than likely FIND LOVE in the process of figuring these things out. How not very unique.

I, and so many of the Girls Gone Mild I know are married to our careers. I don't know any other way of saying that so I apologize for using the M-word. I think it's great. I'm proud of myself and my friends, but I, like Rachel McAdams in MG work really really hard and sometimes I don't have a good idea of what I'm working up to. When does this working hard pay off and lead to something more? Does it ever?

Morning Glory did not answer these or any questions of course, but it did make me happy that there was a movie with a Girl Gone Mild in the lead. At one point, she told her love interest that she doesn't pick up on romantic cues from men at all. Total MILD STYLE. Mild girls are totally busy getting things done to remember to have fun sometimes.

If you are totally mild-ed out from your workweek or even your personal life, I recommend a little MORNING GLORY. There were moments I couldn't stand--the fake empowering-ness of Rachel McAdams running in slow motion to that Natasha Bedingfield song or the naivete of her character rejecting her dream job to stay with the "little guys" who helped get her to where she is. Blah blah blah.

I have to say that I hope others besides Girls Gone Mild and/or feminists notice something that is really clear in MG. When a talented young woman is put in a position of power, she has so far to prove herself, she might as well be an intern. It's clear in MG that this is the case and that my friends, IS NOT FICTION.


  1. How much does Rachel McAdams look like Jennifer Garner in that above picture?

    That is all.

  2. TOTALLY. But I like Rachel McAdams about a million times more.

  3. Wow, I actually thought that *was* Jennifer Garner.

  4. Girls Gone GARNER!


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