November 25, 2010

Asleep at the mild wheel.

Well, once again a Mild Girl's priorities were skewed by her ability to be in so many places at so many times and after taking a 1-day weekend so I could work Monday (normally my day off since I work Tuesday-Saturday) to compensate for tomorrow since I'll be missing it, I needed to let cut loose before I conceded to FIVE days with my family in South Texas.

So on Wednesday night, totally exhausted from my 1-day weekend, my 3-days of mega-hard work so I could feel good about leaving the office for so many days, I went home and frantically cleaned my bachelorette pad for my CAT-SITTER!

A Mild Girl does not leave her mild pet alone for the holidays.

After eating my take-out dinner ALONE, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and then passed out for about 45 minutes. I woke up to lights on, candles burning and felt so stressed out.

I needed a beer (or two) and I needed to see my nearby friends before I left them for a week.

A little after midnight, I drove myself to a bar that I can always guarantee to feel like a friend's living room.

Because seriously, a Mild Girl rarely wants to leave the house which is why "living room" seems so appealing.

I arrived. I drank a $6 beer which I asked in the most grandmotherly way "Is that beer with the special cap expensive?" to which the bartender replied "Only if you think $6 is really expensive!"

He gave me my next beer for free since I had recently made him a mix CD. See, Girls Gone Mild make an equal amount of mix CDs for their bartenders and they do for their Moms.

I'm not even kidding, upon arriving in Texas yesterday via California, my Mom asked when she was finally going to get "another" mix CD from me.

Girls Gone Mild are in high demand.

Which is probably why I was so tired at Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.

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