December 25, 2011

New Moon Intentions from Texas!

--To go to Kristen's Intention Setting workshop on Saturday, January 7th in L.A.!

(If you don't know my love for Kristen and her yoga and dance and combination Y0GA-DANCE classes, then you don't know how it's one of the most amazing things to ever happen to me! Check out her video and if you live in L.A., then come dance!!! Or if you're not ready to dance, check out her website and check out her other classes!)

Feels Pretty Awesome from Kristen Huffman on Vimeo.

--To fix my car stereo and listen to more awesome things when stuck in the car. (I must do this for the sake of my sanity via my commute!)

--To kick ass at work.

--To finally send in that phone rebate from a year ago (if it's not too late!) and finally get an iPhone.

--To send out my holiday mix tape/cd!

--To have a great day today, December 25th!

--To have an amazing New Year's Eve and to especially enjoy that moment at 11:59pm as it counts down to midnight!

--To clean my apartment when I get back to L.A.!

*Obviously, I hope for lots of bigger-in-the-grand-scheme of things this New Moon (it was last night), but I think it's so important to sprinkle your intentions list with smaller things that you KNOW you can accomplish right away to help give the larger things on your list a bigger push and more momentum. (Those larger life intentions, I have shared with a select few because some are quite personal!)

Happy holiday 'o mild ones!

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