December 31, 2011

2011: The Year In Mild Review

1. Driving home ALONE on January 1st while listening to Robyn's DANCING ON MY OWN after DJ-ing a crazy NYE party. Even that couldn't get me action. Just kidding KIND OF. (But seriously! I was the "cute girl" DJ! IS NOTHING SACRED?! Kidding...NO I'M NOT.)

2. Going to Palm Springs with my gay male BFF (of course) and falling asleep while standing up because 11pm is my bedtime.

3. This was my cat.
Enough said.

4. I forced a bff to take this photo of me to prove to the world my mild sense of humor.

5. I wore a romper on a first date with someone and realized it was a bad idea because there's almost no way to NOT take 20 minutes every time you just need to go to the bathroom. ONE-PIECES ARE THE NEW CHASTITY BELTS.

6. This is about as wild as I could get DJaying aka MILD.

7. I went on vacation or Oregon where this photo was taken.
A male co-worker commented on the above photo, "So, you're just giving up, huh?"

8. I wasn't ashamed to post photos of myself on the internet with NASAL STRIPS when I had a cold.

9. I was dating someone and thought this photo of our morning-after ice cream dishes was cute.
AND NOW I THINK IT'S GROSS. Mildly over dudes in 2012.

10. I accidentally dressed like a Sister-Wife to work.

11. December has been so mild, I don't know where to begin...I wasn't afraid to post this photo of myself on the internet.

I really wanted to buy these.

I actually wore this shirt out in public.

I went sweater-shopping with an awesome friend on my birthday and instead of getting crazy on my birthday, I GOT SWEATER-FIED (and so did he.)

I reached either a new Low or a High and DJayed an OFFICE HOLIDAY PARTY.

I realized there are like a million pictures of me on the internet WITH FOOD.

I tried really hard to get my Mom dinner rolls shaped like a SNOWMAN but ended up with this breakaway tree.

While in Texas visiting my family, I've been wearing this insane birthday/deck of cards sweater and ACID WASHED JEANS (my sister RE-GIFTED to me) and am not afraid to take a photo of myself next to a SCALP MASSAGER.

And seriously, one more photo of me with food to help ease you out 2011.
I'm not afraid to eat some grub while someone takes my picture AND I WON'T BE AFRAID IN 2012 EITHER.

Happy mild new year, everyone!



  1. You are my hero! Love you CDLC..We are going to make it through this year, epicly mild..XOXOX


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