August 2, 2011

Today might have been the most mild day of my life.

I woke up at 6am and thought "OH GOD. DO I REALLY HAVE TO GO TO JURY DUTY?!"

Need I say more.

I actually thought it might be worth over $1,000 for being a jury no-show, but alas I am trying to plan a trip to Europe because my mild overseas bff, Kate Hudson (not the actress, though she is also an actress) says "American women are like catnip in Ireland." I mildly believe her.

Anyway, I went to jury duty and the highlight is really this mild summary:

My "business casual" was the floral romper that I accidentally wore Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend (Whoops) and I only didn't wear it Monday because I was kind of too depressed to get out of my pajamas. But that's another mild story all together. Anyway, in my romper, I lived out my civic duty which included me eating a mini-pizza from yesterday (Mmm-mazing), making googley eyes at this hot potential juror who it kept feeling like I was mildly stalking (I WASN'T!) because on our lunch break and when it was time to go, we both went to our cars which were parked really far away and right next to each other. AWKWARD. I also thought it would be a good idea to bring a REALLY INTENSE DEPRESSING HUNGARIAN BOOK with me to jury duty. Way to make my mind mildly explode. And I quote:

...all normal expectations went by the board and one’s daily habits were disrupted by a sense of ever-spreading all-consuming chaos which rendered the future unpredictable, the past unrecallable and ordinary life so haphazard that people simply assumed that whatever could be imagined might come to pass, that if there were only one door in a building it would no longer open, that wheat would grow head downwards into the earth not out of it, and that, since one could only note the symptoms of disintegration, the reasons for it remaining unfathomable and inconceivable, there was nothing anyone could do except to get a tenacious grip on anything that was still tangible...

That's right, I just quoted Laszlo Krasznahorkai on Girls Gone Mild. Because seriously, I live in a world where I think reading something called THE MELANCHOLY OF RESISTANCE is going to make me seem more approachable. Sigh.

Anyway, after being relieved after EIGHT HOURS of not doing anything, I took myself to yoga where I got so mildly in tune with my body and emotions, I seriously almost cried during half moon! No comment.

And with my pink yoga mat in hand, I impromptu saw CRAZY STUPID LOVE alone...and paid for it WITH A $10 ROLL OF QUARTERS. I am not joking. The best was that it cost $9.50 so the box office guy had to give me 50 cents back. GENIUS. And lets just say, if you want a theatrical GGM heroine, our favorite sarcastic redhead Emma Stone plays a redheaded lawyer who dumps her boring un-hot lawyer-beau for "THAT SUPER HOT GUY IN THE BAR WHO HIT ON ME ONCE". It's like GGM-pornography. Instead of having sex on the first date, which they intend to, she ends up being the one girl he stays up all night TALKING to. I give it the GGM stamp of approval.

Though my local bff, Kate W. said "I'm never taking movie advice from you again. Every time I see the CRAZY STUPID LOVE billboard, I want to crash my car."

Then I came home and Sage-Smudged my cat.

Mild day of the year or ???

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